Baby U Tickets & Mommy Money

Moms in the program have the opportunity to receive MOMMY MONEY or BABY U TICKETS to be used to purchase items from our Resource Room. 

We have an ongoing partnership with Birth Choice of Jackson. Moms who have participated in Birth Choice’s ESTHER classes may choose to continue earning MOMMY MONEY or BABY U TICKETS.

Moms who did not attend the ESTHER classes may earn BABY U TICKETS.

Tickets can be earned for:

  • Attendance – 5 tickets/ can be traded in for $50 MOMMY MONEY at the end of class session
  • Participation in Class – 5 tickets/ $50 MOMMY MONEY
  • Homework – 6 tickets/ $60 MOMMY MONEY

Resource Room Price List

1 BABY U TICKET or $10 MOMMY MONEY may be used to purchase:

  • Package of 10 diapers 1 Pack of Wipes
  • 1 Can of Formula
  • 2 Blankets
  • 3 Bottles
  • All clothes are FREE
  • Other equipment for loan or purchase as available

Let us know if you would like to donate or share any items you’re not using!